Package Pricing
Acacia Cemetery now has package pricing to make everything easier for planning.

A complete package includes the gravesite, one interment, and monument fee (see below).

A full-sized grave site complete package is $1,400. A cremation site package is $1,000.

Individual Pricing:

Full-sized gravesite – A full-sized site for a vault (3’9” by 10’) $900
Cremation gravesite – A gravesite to hold up to 4 cremation urns (4’ by 4’) $500
*Interment fee (see below) $500
Dis-interment (half of interment) $250
Issuing a new deed $25
Snowplowing as needed
Monument Fee – This includes marking and inspecting after placement $100

Lots include showing and marking the gravesite, a deed, our recording of the deed, and perpetual care.

*Interment is our basic rate for burial. This includes locating and marking the lot, coordinating with burial with the excavator and the funeral home, lawn care after the burial, and permanent recording of the burial as required by law.

Grave opening is done by our preferred contractor and is not included.

All checks are made payable to Acacia Cemetery Association and sent to 340 Spring Str., Clearwater, MN 55320.

All permit fees must be paid prior to installation.