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  • Are there different lots for cremations and crypt burials?
    There are smaller lots that may only be used for cremations. But cremations may also be put into the larger lots. Up to 4 cremation urns may be buried in each lot.
  • How do I organize a burial?
    We recommend that all burials go through a funeral home. We have seen many burials, and we think that funeral homes do it right in many ways.
  • Can I organize a burial without using a funeral home?
    Yes, we allow it with a cremation. Call any board member (for example: Steve at 612 300 1716). Note that there is a fee for interment, and there is a fee to have a monument, or headstone, set. We do not allow digging in our cemetery by anyone except our approved contractor.
  • Who is the “approved contractor” for a burial?
    Central Minnesota Cemetery Maintenance LLC is our approved contractor. They are the only ones who may lawfully dig in our cemetery, without exception. To contact them you may call Steve, or any board member.
  • Do I need to use a vault?
    Yes for a casket, no for a cremation urn.
  • Can I set my own headstone or monument?
    Yes. There is a $100 fee. Acacia Cemetery must be notified, and must mark the site, and must approve the setting work after it is done. We have rules that govern the work. For more information call any board member.
  • Are there lot and interment rates for infants?
    No, not at this time.
  • Is Acacia affiliated with a church or other organization?
    No. Acacia Cemetery Association is independent and unaffiliated. We allow anyone to be buried here, no matter what their race, religion, or national origin. We are not political. Acacia Cemetery was started as a Masonic cemetery in 1866. It was operated as an unaffiliated cemetery by the Masons until 1978, when it was spun off.
  • Is Acacia a non-profit?
    Yes. Acacia is a 501(c)13. Donations to Acacia may be tax-deductible.
  • What is “perpetual care?”
    It is a fund that the cemetery has established to care for the cemetery in the far distant future, after all of the lots are sold. We put some of the money from each lot sale into the fund and invest it. Someday we will use the money to mow the lawn, care for the trees, and so forth.
  • Who is responsible for the trees and the older monuments?
    Good question. Theoretically, keeping the monuments in good shape and caring for the trees near the monuments is the responsibility of the families that put them there. However, the cemetery board will take over this work when the family is not able to.
  • My grandfather bought several lots. Who owns them now?
    Acacia Cemetery is a family cemetery. Ownership stays in the family, unless specifically stated otherwise. If your grandfather (or other relative) did not specifically leave the lots to someone, the rules of Probate apply, according to State law. For more information, contact any board member.
  • Do I need to transfer ownership of my lot within the family?
    Your lot will automatically transfer to your spouse, your children, your parents, or your siblings. You need not deed it to your spouse. If you wish to transfer it or them to your grandchildren, or other distant relative, we suggest that you transfer title to them. Contact the Secretary for the proper form, and there is a $25 fee for this.
  • Will Acacia Cemetery buy my family lots back?
    Probably yes. Acacia can only return your money. In other words, we can only pay what your family paid. Contact the Secretary or the Treasurer.
  • Can I sell my lot or lots to someone else?
    Yes. Contact the Secretary for the proper form. The Secretary must be informed of the sale, so that it can be recorded in our records. There is a $25 fee for the transfer of a deed.
  • Can I plant a tree or a shrub?
    No. We are working on a program that would allow a “dedicated” tree to be planted. Contact a board member for more information.
  • Are there different lots for cremations and crypt burials?
    There are smaller lots that may only be used for cremations. But cremations may also be put into the larger lots. Up to 4 cremation urns may be buried in each lot.
  • Will the cemetery run out of lots?
    Eventually, but not for a long time. There are currently over 1,000 lots available, enough for many years.
  • How do I buy a lot?
    Contact any board member. Steve, Kitty, and Dave each live near the cemetery, so it would be most convenient for them to respond. They can show you around, help you pick the lot that is right for you, and start the paperwork for the sale.