Front entrance of Acacia Cemetery

On October 20, 1866, a committee of the newly formed Clearwater Masons was appointed to select suitable grounds for a cemetery. The committee reported on November 3, 1866, that they could purchase five acres from J.M. Fuller for the sum of $100. The committee was directed to make the purchase and on March 2, 1867, the Masons adopted rules and regulations governing the cemetery. This was the first ground dedicated as a cemetery between Monticello and St. Cloud.

Located in Lynden Township between Hwy 75 and Co. Rd. 143, today Acacia encompasses approximately 8 acres. The cemetery is non-denominational and is governed by the lot owners with an annual meeting setting rates and policies.

If you take an afternoon stroll through Acacia, you will find stones marked with dates in the late 1800’s, and you may recognize many of the family names that are still prevalent in our community today. Several Civil War veterans are buried at Acacia and a memorial was erected to honor them along the west side of the cemetery. Other veterans have been honored by the local Legion Club and family members with special individual bronze stars, markers and flags.

Our annual meeting is usually the first Saturday in May; plan on joining us next year!

All lot owners are encouraged to attend.

Acacia is a 501(c)13, owned and operated by the lot owners and their families.