Rules as of May 1, 2023

Grave openings

  • The Cemetery Association must be notified prior to all interments to enable us to meet our statutory reporting requirements and an interment fee must be paid.
  • The sites of all interments and permanent markers must be located and marked prior to placement by a representative of the Cemetery Association to insure properly located placements.
  • Up to 4 persons can be interred on a site – one vault and up to 3 cremains on a full-size site and up to 4 cremains on a cremation site.
  • Openings are done by a private contractor. 
    • Rob Rau, Central Minnesota Cemetery Maintenance is our preferred contractor. 
  • Winter burials are permitted; please call for winter rates.

Vaults, Monuments, or Markers

  • All monuments or markers must be set with a 5-inch concrete ribbon/apron. 
  • We have limits on the number of markers that can be placed on gravesites.

Flowers and decorations

  • Permission must be received from a cemetery official before the placement of any stones, markers, or large planters.
  • Decorations may be placed on the graves but only in a manner that will not interfere with lawn mowing.

Annual meeting     The annual meeting will be held on the first Saturday in May.