Grave Costs

All sales include perpetual care.

$800 per adult grave site 3′ 8″ by 10′

$400 per 4′ by 4′ space for cremation in designated area along the south fence. Each 4′ by 4′ space accommodate one double or two single markers.

Limited to 4 or less interments per grave site.

Grave Openings

Openings are done by a private contractor arranged by the funeral director.

Winter burials are permitted; however, there will be an extra charge for snow removal, digging of the grave and results of any damages. A holding place is available for $50 during the winter. Burial would be done before Memorial Day. Burial of ashes is to be done by an association officer only. SEE PERMITS BELOW. 

Vaults, Monuments or Markers

All monuments or markers must be set in poured concrete with a 5″ apron suitable to be driven over with the lawn mower. The marker must be level with the apron or high enough so no part could go under the mower.


A $60 permit fee must be paid before placing a stone or marker. A cemetery official must mark the site for the stone or marker. When engraving is done on an existing monument, a $25 fee is charged.

An interment fee must be paid for each burial and no burials are to be made without contacting a member of the association board. Please contact the secretary. Interment fee for a vault and a cremation burial is $300.

Interment Fees

This charge is paid to the funeral home at the time funeral arrangements are made. The funeral home will send a check along with the burial / cremation certificate to the secretary / treasurer.

Flowers & Decorations

Decorations may be placed on the graves but only in a manner that will not interfere with the mowing. Bushes and trees eventually grow too large and can only be planted with special permission.


Cemetery hours are sunrise to sunset.

Interment fee $400
Stone engraving fee $25
Placing of a stone / marker in cemetery $60
Showing / marking a gravesite $60
Vault gravesite $800
Cremation gravesite $400

All checks are made payable to the Acacia Cemetery Association and sent to the secretary / treasurer. 

All permit fees must be paid prior to installation or they may be removed.